Johnny B.

Camo Tool Pouch


Great Stocking Stuffer!!! 

Bag includes: (1) 3.3 oz of each:

(1) All Over Shampoo: the most luxurious shampoo a man can use. Suitable for all hair types

(1) Conditional:  is designed with a special formula that contains Jojoba for treating dryness.

(1) Control: a long-lasting gel that will not flake and gives volume to fine hair. 

(1) Shave Cream: an intensely rich, high-performance shaving cream that ensures the smoothest, friction-free shave possible while preventing razor bumps, burns and irritation.

(1) Balm:  cools, calms, and conditions skin and protects against post-shave inflammation, razor bumps, burns, and ingrown hairs.

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